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Created 8-Jun-17
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Published Work, Commercial Promotion and Events
File Jun 08, 12 01 47 PMIMG_2672IMG_3959IMG_3929File Jun 08, 5 57 31 PM1811980D-D1D1-45D2-9C79-B64A169EB4706E1B5E63-159A-4F7A-868C-A5DE61CA5DC5IMG_3FE03642F172-14E3DB161-06DF-43B0-A9D7-CAFB210BB4EEIMG_46A3190FB797-1IMG_3933-1IMG_B416D4863DFC-1HouseBeautifulMagazineFile Apr 19, 9 59 58 PM0D204EF4-266E-49C3-B2BE-BDFD586F2370File Jun 08, 5 58 32 PMScreen Shot 2017-06-08 at 6.32.08 PM47910617-4C95-465E-B95A-7DEFB401D958IMG_639356A16C44-7DEE-41C2-97E5-9568B3E850F1

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Kiran Bajaj(non-registered)
I am Kiran Bajaj from Bangalore Escorts Service. I am great charmers’ related to sensual fun in the city. I am hot, smart and pretty and dress-up wildly. I am known for entertaining my clients in a city.
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